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Tyre depth checks in Cardiff featured image.

Essential Tyre Tread Checks

25 April 2024

Essential Tyre Tread Checks for Cardiff Drivers In South Wales, where rain-soaked roads are familiar, maintaining sufficient tyre tread depth is not just a recommendation-it’s a critical safety requirement. Understanding when your tyres are worn and may need replacing can…

Brake Repairs and Servicing in Cardiff featured image.

Do My Brakes Need Replacing?

18 April 2024

Do My Brakes Need Replacing? Knowing when your vehicle’s brakes or pads need replacing or serving is crucial for road safety. If you’re hearing unusual noises or experiencing changes in pedal responsiveness, it might be time to give your brakes…

Car Servicing Cardiff featured image with flyer.

Car Servicing Cardiff

27 March 2024

Car Servicing Cardiff At Red Garage Cardiff, we believe in keeping your vehicle in its prime condition. Servicing your car isn’t just about maintaining its value; it’s a proactive step to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Our highly trained…

MOT Test inspection in the UK Featured Image

MOT Test Looming? 📅🔍

26 March 2024

MOT Test Looming? At Red Garage Cardiff, we understand the significance of having your vehicle in prime condition to ensure it sails through its MOT. Here are some top tips to prepare your vehicle: Lights Check: Ensure all your lights…

Top Up Your Vehicles Oil featured image

Top-Up Your Oil! 🔧🚚

20 March 2024

Top-Up Your Oil Keeping your engine running smoothly isn’t just about the fuel you put in; it’s also about the lifeblood of your engine – the oil! 🚗💧 Did you know that not regularly checking your vehicle’s oil level can…

Tyre Pressure Featured Image

Tyre Pressure Perfection 🚗

19 March 2024

Tyre Pressure Perfection Keeping your car in tip-top shape can be easier than you think! We’re talking about tyre pressure – an essential check that keeps you safe and saves money. Did you know that incorrect tyre pressure can lead…

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OEM quality and correct grade oil & filter + a health check

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Oil Service and Air Filter + health check.

Major Service

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Full Service + Fuel Filter (Diesel) / Pollen Filter (Petrol)
Comprehensive inspection & Plug-in diagnostics/Fault Code Read

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