Top-Up Your Oil

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Keeping your engine running smoothly isn’t just about the fuel you put in; it’s also about the lifeblood of your engine - the oil! 🚗💧

Did you know that not regularly checking your vehicle's oil level can damage the engine and reduce efficiency?

Here's your quick guide to keeping on top of it:

  • Find Your Ideal Level: Your car's manual will tell you the perfect oil level for your engine.
  • Check Regularly: Aim to check at least once a month and before any long journeys.
  • Use a Dipstick: Pull out your engine’s dipstick, wipe it clean, dip it back in fully, and then check the level against the markings.
  • Top Up if Needed: If the level is low, add more oil of the correct type for your vehicle, ensuring it does not overfill.

Just like with tyre pressure, being vigilant about oil can ensure your car performs at its best and remains your reliable companion on the road.

Regular checks are the key to a long-lasting engine!

Interim Service

From £99

OEM quality and correct grade oil & filter + a health check

Full Service

From £129

Oil Service and Air Filter + health check.

Major Service

From £189

Full Service + Fuel Filter (Diesel) / Pollen Filter (Petrol)
Comprehensive inspection & Plug-in diagnostics/Fault Code Read

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