Tyre Pressure Perfection

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Keeping your car in tip-top shape can be easier than you think! We're talking about tyre pressure - an essential check that keeps you safe and saves money.

Did you know that incorrect tyre pressure can lead to increased wear and tear and affect your fuel efficiency? Here's how to keep them in check:

  1. Find Your Ideal Pressure: The recommended pressure is in your car's manual or on the inside of the driver's door.
  2. Check Regularly: At least once a month and before long trips.
  3. Use a Reliable Tyre Gauge: Either at a service station or buy one for at-home checks.
  4. Adjust as Needed: If the pressure is low, add air to reach the recommended pressure. If it's too high, let some air out.

Remember, regular checks can keep you rolling safely and efficiently!

Interim Service

From £99

OEM quality and correct grade oil & filter + a health check

Full Service

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Oil Service and Air Filter + health check.

Major Service

From £189

Full Service + Fuel Filter (Diesel) / Pollen Filter (Petrol)
Comprehensive inspection & Plug-in diagnostics/Fault Code Read

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